For mye fritid

I disse dager har jeg hatt for mye dødtid. Så da ble DETTE til.

Her er en gårsdagens Election I og II titting samlet, eldste øverst osv. I twitteresque format, på engelsk:

«Having an asian movie marathon. First up, “Election” by Johnny To. Triad movie. Should be bloody. And fun.»

«A while since I last saw this one, but “Election” is still a great movie. Them asians sure know their way around violence. With guns. And machetes.»

«Aight, next one, “Election II.” Bloody weird intro, but hey, that’s how HK movies ROLL, amirite? Looks like it was made in the sixties.»

«The ‘main character’ Jimmy looks like a poorly made puppet. His hair even defies the strong winds of the grassy hill. Pleasant scenery though.»

«Yup, still looks like a puppet. I wonder what his skin is made of. Also, seems unable to move his facial muscles.»

«God I love the assassination scene at the beginning. The whole tone of it. The way Johnny To kills off people in his movies are hard to look at, which makes them magnificent spectacles.»

«Chinese men are tiny.»

«Lok loves his Marlboro Lights. And he doesn’t care who knows it. He even looks into the camera, lighting up one. Product PLACED, MOTHERFUCKER!»

«Haha, dude couldn’t fence and talk on the cellphone at the same time. Only women can do that. Jeez.»

«Long haired asian doing what long haired asians do. Being evil. Also, angry asian looking angry. Someone has shit in his cereal.»

«Double-cross, in MY ASIAN ORGANIZED CRIME MOVIE? Though, the crazy one ain’t havin’ it. And he doesn’t afraid of anything. Like Chuck Norris.»

«Tough guy takes obvious fake hits like a champ.»

«Thank you for that open ending, you bastard. Jet must be the most awesome character ever (the crazy one.) That’ll be it for now, g’night.»


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